Cow Nail Art

I saw this nail art on Pinterest and it is so unbelievably cute that I had to give it a go myself!

As nail art goes this is one of the easiest. All I needed was a hair grip!

Start off by applying a base coat, then paint your nail white. I used Barry M 66 Matt White. Once dry paint the bottom half of your nail pink (mine was Bourjois, no idea what shade) then using a hair grip add four dots for the eyes and nose, I used MUA Black for this. Then, again using the hair grip, make splodges around the white section in black. It doesn’t have to be neat which is great! Finish off by adding a top coat.

If you don’t fancy having little cows on every nail why not just have the print on them: Just paint your nail white and add splodges with the hair grip like before.

Simple and cute. And it uses only basic colours so no need to go out and buy specific shades. You could also adapt it to whatever polish you do have, maybe use a nude shade instead of pink or grey or brown for the splodges!

Give it a go!

Ra ♥

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