Little Black Cat


Inspired by my beautiful black cat, Reuben, I have these lovely nails for you. :)

As with most of my nail art it is quick and easy using only a hair grip! So start off by painting your nails in a light or very bright colour, I chose the Barry M Nail Effects in Lilac Foil. To make the cat shape draw a oval/circle on the bottom of your nail and make the ears with the hair grip. Add white (Barry M Matte White) circles for eyes then a small black dot in each for the pupils. Changing where you put the black dots can give you a very cute cat or, like mine, a slightly angry one! Add pink (Bourjois) dots in the ears and a little one for the nose.

Now the cat is done why not experiment with different looks on the rest of your nails?.. I chose to add black tips to mine, but you could always try cats on all nails (maybe try out some other colours!), black polka dots or even black crackle. Go crazy!

Ra ♥

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