Lilac Chameleon

I  thought I would share a quick look I did using Barry M Chameleon effects polish in Lilac. I absolutely adore this colour, it looks very similar to the Barry M Lilac Foil. It goes on really well too, I only used one coat and it was a perfect even colour. By using a top coat it changes into a wonderful bright purple shade which is brilliant.

I decided to use top coat on just half the nail to show the colours side by side. I then added dots down the joining line (using a hair grip, of course!) to neaten things up. I love that this is a two-in-one polish. You can just wear it as a lilac, a complete purple or create some cool designs with the top coat. I love the idea of these Chameleon effects, I have all 3 colours but I do hope they add more shades to the range! (:

Ra ♥


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