Glitter polish is my new favourite! I think it can add so much to any look and to be honest I just love a bit of sparkle. :) So, I already had a few basic glitters but I have seen a lot of blog posts and pins just recently with glitter polishes that have a mixture of colour and size pieces in it. I couldn’t wait to try one out and when shopping I found the most perfect one for me. It’s the NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in Lights-Camera-Glitter. It’s so pretty with the silver and pastel blues and pinks and it only cost £2.49! Beautiful and affordable! It says up to 7 day wear and I absolutely agree, I had it on for 5 days before I took it off and there were no chips in it at all. :) A great buy!

I thought I’d do another one finger look first to show you all. I used 2True Glossywear in Shade No. 48 which is a stunning pastel ice blue. It has a shimmery undertone to it which looks great with the NYC. It needs 2 coats though, just like the bottle says. :) I also used 2 coats of the glitter to really make it pop!

And here is a full glitter set which I did over 1 coat of the 2True Colour Quick in Shade 3.

Ra ♥

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