In The Lime Light

I thought I’d give one of my new polishes a proper try. So I’m starting with the China Glaze In The Lime Light.

I am really pleased with this. The colour applies exactly how it looks in the bottle which is amazing! I do hate how sometimes you get a polish that is a gorgeous colour in the bottle but goes on really see-through and watery. I don’t think there’s anything more disappointing than that! I used 2 coats of this to really make the colour stand out. I love how bright it is, I wouldn’t usually wear a neon green but I actually adore the colour especially as it has a slight pearlescent look to it. This is a great introduction to neons if you’re scared to try them out. It also has a really great finish. It dries matte which is so on trend now!

This is a fantastic product and I hope to try out some more from this brand in the future! :)

Ra ♥


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