Pride Nails! Pt. 2 ♥

Here’s a few more designs I’ve done. I thought I’d do them on false nails this time to save on nail varnish remover.


I did these sets pretty much the same but just adjusted them slightly so one hand can be pink and the other blue. :) I think the tuxedo nails are super cute. And I love the simplicity of the rainbow polka dots.

This is another variation of the above designs just with more pink! :)

I also did a set of rainbow stripes. I think these are really cute and fun. Here they are with a bit of added sparkle..

I think I’m gonna end up having these myself for pride. I love the look with the glitter top coat!

I will probably end up doing a few more pride inspired looks before the weekend. There is still 3 more days left to try other looks out! Ha!

Ra ♥

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