Early Morning

A really early start for me today. I woke up especially early (half 5!) just so I could walk the dogs before it gets too hot. I know it sounds crazy, and to be honest I am not a morning person so I don’t know why I put myself through it, but Quinn hates the heat and will refuse to walk in it! If he wasn’t such a handsome boy I probably wouldn’t do it. Ha! :) Here are my babies at about 5.50 this morning..

Isn’t  he just stunning? :)

I really love how excited Pixie gets about everything. Look how happy she is after her treat!

Apparently the weather is going to get hotter over the week, so I think I’m gonna be up early everyday to walk the dogs. At least the weather will be nice for Pride on Saturday though, I just hope I don’t get sunburn as bad as I did last year!

Ra ♥


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