Sky Blue BeBe

I’ve just tried out one of my new nail varnishes that I got at the car boot sale. It’s the L’Oreal LaquiResist in shade 812 BeBe.

I have to say I am quite disappointed with this polish. I know I got it for a bargain price but I did expect a better result from it. In the bottle it looks like the most beautiful opaque sky blue colour which is the reason I chose it. The first coat went on very light coloured and so streaky! I hoped it would be like a few of my others and that with 2 coats it would even itself out. But that wasn’t the case with this. Luckily it does dry quite quickly so it wasn’t too long to wait before I could apply the next coat. I ended up applying 5 coats in total and this is how it looked..

I actually love the colour. It’s just a shame it takes so many coats of it to get it to look how it does in the bottle. I wouldn’t mind having to do 2 or 3 but 5 coats is just too much! I don’t think I will be wearing this polish a lot. It was a good find but I definitely wouldn’t buy this brand full price!

Ra ♥

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