Review: Viva Pink!

I thought I would branch out a little and start reviewing nail varnishes as well as showing designs to use them. I know how hard it is to find good quality but affordable polishes so I am going to share how various brands (and different shades within them) hold up in everyday life. I have done a previous review, take a look..

I decided to start off by trying out one of my new polishes. It’s Avon Nailwear Pro in Viva Pink. I got this at a car boot sale for 50p but if you buy it from Avon it is only £3.50.

This is described on the box as glossy and long wearing with a chip resistant formula so I was very excited to see how accurate this was, especially as I do so much dog walking I wanted to see just how long it would look good for. It is a really delicious looking pink. It’s bright but sort of creamy looking at the same time. I’m not sure that makes much sense but I have no idea how else to describe it! Ha! :) It has a nice consistency to it, not too runny and not too thick and it goes on well. The first coat wasn’t very bright so I did 2 coats to really make the colour pop. I really loved how quickly this dried. I applied both coats and it had dried fully within 20 minutes which is so perfect if you don’t have much time to spend doing your nails, I know I hate it when you have to sit for an hour waiting for a polish to dry! Here’s how it looked after I had finished (just ignore the black beneath my hand, Reuben really wanted to be in the photo!)..

I didn’t use a topcoat with this just to see how well it lasts. I’ve been wearing this for 4 days now and this is how it currently looks..

I expected it to be more chipped than this if I’m honest, so I am really pleased with it. :) The bigger chips only happened this morning which is great. I think this is an amazing quality polish for the price and I would definitely recommend it. I am going to review a few more shades of the Nailwear Pro because I have found that some brands can be a bit inconsistent in the different colours. So check back soon for more reviews! :)

Ra ♥


7 thoughts on “Review: Viva Pink!

  1. Naomi says:

    Great review post :) I’m an Avon Rep so over the years I’ve tried many of their nail varnish shades and this is one of my favourites. The Nailwear Pro range was actually improved recently, and is now called Nailwear Pro+. The formula is actually so much better so if you’re impressed with this you’d love the new ones :)
    Naomi x

    • rarareid says:

      Thank you! :) I love Avon nail varnishes, they have so many lovely shades. I’ve actually got a few of the Nailwear Pro+ so I hopefully will get a chance soon to review those too. :)
      Ra ♥

  2. Juliana Rego says:

    I’m an Avon Rep and can’t help myself from buying the various shades in the Nailwear Pro/+ range…I’ve got quite a collection and it keeps getting bigger by the campaign ;) I agree with what you said about the inconsistency in some brands when it comes to different colors. I’ve experienced it with the Nailwear Pro+ range and should be doing a review on that soon.

    • rarareid says:

      I do love Avon’s polishes but I’ve also had the same thing. Some are amazing and then others are just disappointing. But at least they are more affordable brand. There’s nothing worse than spending lots on a polish to just find that it’s not as good as expected!
      Ra ♥

      • Juliana Rego says:

        Yeah, I know the feeling! That’s why I try and buy when it’s on sale or at a reduced price, so I don’t feel bad if it’s not up to the mark!

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