Pixie – 6 Months On

I’ve just realised it’s been a long time since I posted anything about the pets. I know most of you aren’t that interested in what my dogs and cat get up to, but I spend a lot of my time taking photos of them (they are my babies afterall!) so I just like to share some of them with you. I will spare you the full photo album, there’s over 1000 pictures so far! Ha!

So it’s almost 6 months since we got our whippet puppy, Pixie. I can’t believe she’s nearly 9 months old. It’s gone so fast! I still think of her as this tiny cute little thing (well, when she is behaving) and it’s only when I look back at old pictures that I realise just how much she has grown.

Here she is about a week after we brought her home. She’s around 13 weeks old here.

She is just adorable in this! I don’t know why but she look’s a little sad, she has one of those faces that just makes you want to cuddle her! :)

And here she is just a few days ago sitting in the same place on the sofa. This is her tv watching face! :’)

I do love her massive ears! :) So cute!

Ra ♥


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