Mario Mushrooms

I wanted to show you all another quick nail art. This time something a little cuter. So here are my Mario Mushroom nails! :)

I loved Mario and Luigi when I was younger. Did anyone else have a sega?! Ha! The 90s were so cool.

I love how simple this is to do. And it is super cute! I was going to just do all of them as red mushrooms but I couldn’t leave poor Luigi out. :’) Plus, it means this fits with the accent nail trend (not that trends are the most important thing). I used Barry M in Bright Red and 2True Fast Dry Shade 4 for the base colours. Once that had dried I added quite large tips (about 1/3 of the nail) and big dots. I used Revlon White On White and a hair grip for the dots. Then I just made 2 lines for eyes in MUA Black so that it was partly on the colour and white tip, I also did that with a hair grip.  I then just finished with a top coat.

And there it is! Cute and simple. There’s nothing better than that is there?

Let me know what you think. :)

Ra ♥


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