Moustache Nails!

Here’s a quick post of another nail art I did this afternoon. Cute moustaches! :)

I’ve always wanted a moustache tattoo on my finger and as I haven’t got round to getting one yet, I thought where better to have them than on my nails? :) I think these are just adorable! Especially with the little top hat and monocle.

I did these using Barry M’s Black polish and a hair grip over a white base. For the moustaches I just made ovals with the hair grip and dragged outwards to make a flick. Pretty simple. I decided to add a top hat and monocle onto the ring finger to tie in with the accent nail trend. :) I love this in black and white but I think I’m gonna give it a go using other base colours too. Maybe a red and black next time?

Share your thoughts!

Ra ♥

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