Little Ladybird

I am slightly obsessed with the accent nail trend, as I’m sure you can tell. And this time I’ve got a cute little ladybird to show you.

I think this is just so fun! I especially like the googly eyes. :’)

I did this using Barry M’s Bright Red polish and I chose a black glittery nail art pen. I wanted my ladybird to be a bit jazzy! The ladybird was done just by adding a slightly curved tip and a line down the middle of the nail. Then I just added the spots and the eyes. Easy! :) I chose to have polka dots on the other nails too, but you could leave them block red if you want your ladybird to really stand out.

I think this is a really great design for beginners because it so simple and doesn’t need much of a steady hand. If nail art is new to you this would be a perfect place to start. :)

Ra ♥

5 thoughts on “Little Ladybird

  1. poundlandprincess says:

    I am currently wearing a red polish and planned to do this before I removed it. I am new to polish and I love experimenting with different effects.
    Did you use a dotter thingy for the dots, I dont have any tools at all so what would you say would work best instead.
    Thank you for sharing.

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