Robots! Step-By-Step

I decided for this latest nail art that I would take some photos as I went along to give you a bit more of a step-by-step guide on how to recreate it yourselves. This robot design looks complicated but it is actually a really simple nail art if you break it down. So I thought showing photos of each of the stages would help, sometimes explaining some of the designs is quite difficult! This way not many words are needed as it’s all there for you to see. :)

So to start off, here is what the finished Robots look like…

I think this is super cute! And you can use any colours you like for the robots and background and it will still look cool. Which is perfect if you want it to match an outfit!

Step 1:

First, make box-like shapes. I didn’t use any special tools for this, this was just done with the edge of the polish brush. And it doesn’t matter if these aren’t perfectly shaped or if there are uneven edges. These robots are meant to look a little bit sketchy.

Step 2:

Outline your robot. I used the thin brush of a nail art pen for this. Again, it doesn’t need to be perfect. I personally like it more when the lines go over the colour and when there’s tiny gaps in places.

Step 3:

Now add some detail to your little robot. :)

Step 4:

Add something to  your other nails. I chose to do robots in other colours but you could always do something else, like just adding tips or polka dots. Or you could paint your other nails a block colour and leave the robot as an accent nail. It’s totally up to you! :)

And that’s it! Not nearly as difficult as it first looks.

Ra ♥

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