Cookie Monster

I got a nail art request this morning on twitter for Cookie Monster nails. I thought it was a really fun idea so I decided to give it a go. :) This is the look I ended up with..

I have moved on from my obsession with the ring finger trend (well, sort of) and decided the accent nail would be in the middle. Ha! :’)

This was actually a really easy nail art. For the Cookie Monster I used Barry M Cobalt Blue, it was the closest shade I own. I then added eyes (Revlon White On White) using the end of a hair grip and used a black nail art pen to draw the mouth and add detail to the eyes. The cookies are in W7 Disco which I needed 3 coats of to get opaque coverage. And the choc chips are in 2True Fast Dry Colour Quick Polish Shade 9 which I also did using the end of a hair grip. So simple! And it looks pretty sweet too.

I decided to try this design with a matte topcoat (Rimmel) and I think I may actually prefer it. What do you think?

If you have any requests please feel free to comment on any post or message me on twitter: @rara_reid :)

Ra ♥

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