Vintage Rose

For today’s nail art I want to share a vintage rose design. This is a super girly look and surprisingly easy to do!

I started out doing 2 coats of 2True’s Fast Dry Colour Quick Polish in Shade 4. Then to make the roses I used my Rio nail art pens to make large dots and then add a swirl around them in a slightly darker shade. It’s not so clear in the photos but I also added tiny leaves to the roses but unfortunately the only green nail pen I have is a very similar shade to the base polish. I added dots in a pearly colour to fill in the background and finished with top coat.

It’s great how intricate it looks with very little effort. The hardest part was waiting for each section to dry so I could add the next. Nail art pens seem to take forvever to dry! This is definitely a design I can see myself wearing a lot when spring comes around. Or even this season if I adapt the colours slightly! Maybe a bright red base with deep burgundy roses would work?

Do you like this design? Share your thoughts below. :)

Ra ♥

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