Classic Halloween Nails

I know a lot of you are going to be celebrating tonight instead of the 31st so I am posting my last Halloween nail art for you all. For this design I have chosen to include some more classic Halloween ideas in a gorgeous shade of orange perfect for the occasion. :) I hope you like them!

I think my favourites have to be the spiderweb and the stripes (they remind me of witch’s tights!). They’re just so much fun! :) Which is your favourite design?

For these I used Barry M’s Orange for the base colour, China Glaze In The Lime Light (green), Barry M Silver Glitter, Barry M Black Shatter and black and green nail art pens.

Have a fun Halloween! :)

Ra ♥

6 thoughts on “Classic Halloween Nails

    • rarareid says:

      It took me around half an hour to do one hand but that includes drying time. These were all pretty simple so it was a lot quicker than some other nail arts I’ve done. Painting with my non-dominant hand can be tricky sometimes. There are lots of times where I have to re-do the design until it looks right. But it does get easier the more you do it, it just takes practice. :)
      Ra <3

      • poundlandprincess says:

        I’mm the opposite, my nails which have been done with my non dominant hand look neater than the ones done with my right. I thinks its because Im extra careful and more aware of cocking up when using my left hand.

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