W7 Multi Dazzle – Beautifully Festive Glitter!

Well, December 1st has arrived! So it’s only appropriate that I start sharing some more festive nail designs and polishes with you all. :) The first one I’ve chosen is a new purchase, W7’s Multi Dazzle polish. I got this a few days ago when I was out shopping for Christmas presents. I found this on a fantastic beauty stall in the Victoria Centre Market. It instantly caught my eye as it’s such a stunning mix of colours and is so perfect for this time of year. And to make it even more perfect, it was only £1.99! A great price I think you’ll agree.

W7 Multi Dazzle 1

It looks incredible in the bottle and was an amazing price so I was very excited to see if this looked as wonderful when on the nails. I first applied two coats of Barry M’s Black Nail Paint before adding the glitter as I wanted to get a more sophisticated glitter look. The Multi Dazzle applied really well. I find some glitters to be too stiff and gloopy but this was just the right consistency to be able to spread the glitter evenly along the nail. As with most glitter polishes this dried very quickly and gave a nice glossy finish that wasn’t too bumpy. Great if you don’t have time to add a top coat!

Here’s how it looked..

W7 Multi Dazzle 2

W7 Multi Dazzle 3

W7 Multi Dazzle 4

This is with just one coat of glitter and as you can see, there is plenty of sparkle!

I just adore the way this looks! It reminds me so much of Christmas as a child and wearing plimsolls to the school disco that my mum had stuck glitter and sequins too. This is definitely what I’ll be wearing on my nails for Christmas Day!

A beautifully simple and festive nail look for any party!

Ra ♥


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