Christmas Puddings – Love Or Hate?

One of my favourite things at Christmas has to be the food, especially the Christmas Pudding! It’s a very marmite food – people either love it or hate it! Which are you? Unfortunately both Ted and my sister Amy absolutely hate it so I don’t think I’ll be having any this year. So what else could I do but have them on my nails?! :)

This is the design I did a few days ago..

Christmas Puddings 1

Now I’ll show you how I did it! I do apologise for the poor quality photos, my phone is not the best.

Christmas Puddings 2

Start by painting your nails a brown shade for the pudding. I’ve used Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in Classy Frost. This is a really creamy polish and is the perfect shade for my yummy little puds. For the icing I used Sally Hansen Hard As Nails in White Tip. I made sure there was quite a lot of polish on the brush and then just dabbed it onto the nail to create the dripped effect.

Christmas Puddings 3

Then add little dots into the middle of the icing for the berries. I did mine with Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Red Bombshell using a hair grip.

Christmas Puddings 4

Now to add the holly. Using an old eyeliner brush I just dabbed MUA’s Shade 13 polish into shape. I like that with this design it doesn’t have to be symmetrical. It makes it so much easier if you do put a bit too much on or it’s slightly wonky because you can’t really notice!

I then finished my look by adding a top coat.

Christmas Puddings 5

Yum! They look good enough to eat!

I hope you all liked my latest Christmas nail art! I’d love to see what festive nails you’ve been wearing so feel free to share your own look in the comments. :)

Ra ♥


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