China Glaze – Electric Pineapple Swatches/Review

I have another polish from my Christmas Haul to share today. I thought this time I’d choose one of the China Glaze that Ted got me and thought Electric Pineapple would be perfect as it’s a colour unlike any polish I already have.

Electric Pineapple 1

As you can see it is the most wonderful mustard yellow colour, a shade seen a lot in fashion the past few months! It has a lime green undertone so in some lights it looks a little closer to green than yellow.

This polish applies really well. The consistency is thick and creamy but goes on without any streaks. I did two coats to make the colour pop but it was perfectly opaque after just one which is fantastic as I usually find polishes with this kind of intense pigment to need two or even three applications to get full coverage.

Electric Pineapple 2

Normally this isn’t a shade I’d choose to wear. It is rather bright but there is something about this particular polish that I just love.

Electric Pineapple 3

What are your opinions on this? Is it a colour you would wear? I’d love to know what you think. As always, thank you for reading! :)

Ra ♥

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