Avon SpeedDry+ Art Orange!

Today I want to share with you one of the best polishes I have ever used.. Avon’s SpeedDry+ in Art Orange!

Art Orange 1

Isn’t this colour incredible?! I own very few orange polishes, it’s not usually a colour I would wear as being quite fair skinned I don’t think I can pull it off to0 well. Having said that I am totally in love with this particular shade! This is definitely a polish suitable for both pale and tanned skin. I think it’s great to see a nice orange that’s not so bright and this retro terracotta is perfect if you’re not confident enough to try out a bold neon look. I don’t know about you but I feel this has quite a fun 70’s vibe to it! Here’s a few more photos to show off the colour..

Art Orange 2 Art Orange 4

Art Orange 3 Art Orange 5

Now, I had my doubts about whether or not this really would dry quickly as the name suggests as I have found Avon to be a little inconsistent at times with their polish ranges but I have to say this does not disappoint. My nails were fully dry in less than 5 minutes! Pretty great, right? It’s so hard to find polishes that good! It also has the most amazing creamy formula which makes for super easy application with no visible streaks. I had full coverage after one coat and all the photos were taken without topcoat and it still has a glossy finish.

I wore this polish for 3 days before there were any chips. Good going in my book especially as I didn’t apply topcaot to seal it. In fact I was so impressed that when I removed it I put on my base and reapplied! That means wearing the same polish for 6 days in a row so far.. very rare for me!

So if you’re looking for that polish for when you’re in a rush this is perfect for throwing on at the last minute and not having to worry about smudging! Or if you just get a little impatient waiting for your nails to dry then this is definitely one for you!

What’s your thoughts on Avon’s SpeedDry+ range?

As always thank you for reading! :)

Ra ♥

6 thoughts on “Avon SpeedDry+ Art Orange!

  1. keepingupwiththekelly says:

    I’ve never tried any nail polishes by Avon but this colour looks amazing. As someone from The Netherlands, I feel really ashamed that I don’t own any orange nail polishes while orange is our national colour.

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