BeTrousse Pretty Beauty Box!

Before Christmas I won Bewitchery’s amazing BeTrousse Pretty Beauty Box giveaway and today it finally arrived! I was so excited to get everything out and so far I am very pleased with the contents. :)

BeTrousse 1

Today I’m going to share just a few of my thoughts on what I received but Naomi over at Bewitchery wrote a great post about this box so if you’d like to read a bit more about the products you can check that out Here. :)

BeTrousse 2

As soon as I opened the box I wanted to try out the Yves Rocher lipgloss. I have a wonderful collection of lipsticks and glosses already and this is a great addition! It’s a really nice shade, an orange pink with lots of shine! I think the formula of this is particularly great. I usually stick to lipsticks to avoid that heavy sticky feeling you get with a lot of glosses but this wasn’t at all like that. This is a very wearable product and will definitely be getting a lot of use in the summer!

BeTrousse 3

The Vera Valenti eyeshadow I received is the grey version. This isn’t a product I would really use. I don’t wear eyeshadow much anyway but this isn’t something I would ever go out and buy simply because it looks cheap and very much like the make-up I used to use as a child. Not appealing at all! I gave it a go anyway but Naomi is right, this is very bad quality!

Here I am wearing the Yves Rocher lipgloss and Vera Valenti eyeshadow..

BeTrousse 4

Of course I couldn’t write this post without including a few photos of the nail polish! I personally still love crackle polishes so I am very happy with this. I have a few other crackles by Saffron London and for such a low price they are a good quality brand. Here I am wearing the black crackle over Avon’s SpeedDry+ in Art Orange..

BeTrousse 5  BeTrousse 6

Now, possibly the cutest packaging I’ve ever seen is that of the Cupcake Organic Blue Tansy & Lavender Balancing Day Cream. The coloured glass pot is just so vibrant and eye-catching! The cream is wonderful too and ‘smooths and nourishes’ just like it says. Just look how pretty it is..

BeTrousse 7

I’d just like to say a massive thank you to Naomi for running such a great giveaway!

And thank you all for reading! :)

Ra ♥

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