MUA Fur Effect: Fluff & Cuddles

Textured nails are everywhere right now and are going to be a massive trend as we go into spring/summer with more variations like Barry M’s new line of Textured Nail Effects that are coming out very soon. Fur/velvet effects are incredibly popular with highend and more affordable brands bringing out their own versions. I’ve been wanting to try this look out for a while and luckily my local Superdrug now have the MUA Fur Effects!

MUA Fur Effects are a fantastic way to get the look for less, at only £3 a pot they are great value. A perfect way to try out something new without spending a lot! There are 5 eye-catching shades in the range and although I wanted to buy them all I thought it best to try out just one first. I chose Fluff & Cuddles as it’s a really vibrant raspberry colour. Plus the name is so cute! I also bought a new MUA polish to match..

Fluff & Cuddles 1

Fot best results MUA recommends..

-Apply 2 thin coats of MUA polish

-Firmly shake nail fluff into the lid and press wet nail into the fur until covered

-Blow off excess for an even finish

So I followed the instructions using MUA’s Plum Noir as my base polish. As it was my first try I did an accent nail. And these are the results..

Fluff & Cuddles 2 Fluff & Cuddles 3

Pretty cool, right?

I’m actually really impressed with this. It’s such a fun effect and it really is ‘strokeable’ just as described. I can’t stop touching it! A few minutes after applying the fur it was set in place perfectly. I’m also really pleased with how easy it is to apply. I was expecting it to be a lot messier than it actually was. I couldn’t get the fur to shake into the lid so I removed the sifter and just dipped my wet nail in and brushed the excess back into the pot. No wasted fur! So simple!

Fluff & Cuddles 6 Fluff & Cuddles 4

Fluff & Cuddles 5

I think I’m going to have to go and buy the other shades too now. This really is a great product if you love the textured nail look. Have you tried the Fur Effects yet?

Ra ♥

8 thoughts on “MUA Fur Effect: Fluff & Cuddles

    • rarareid says:

      I love experimenting with new looks and I think the textured effects around are fantastic! It seems they are very much hit or miss though. :) Thanks for commenting.
      Ra ♥

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