Barry M Textured Effect: Kingsland Road

On Monday I purchased 2 new Barry M polishes, the textured effects in Kingsland Road (pink) and one of the new Gelly Hi-Shine Shades in Greenberry. Aren’t they just the most delicious ice-cream colours?!

Kingsland Road 1

Today I am going to share my thoughts on Kingsland Road. I’d been eager to give this a go from the moment I heard about it, I personally love the textured look  and the pretty pastel shade of Kingsland Road is pefrect for spring so I thought I’d give this one a go first.

Kingsland Road 2

This applies a lot easier than I thought considering the granules are tightly packed. From the look of the end result I thought this was going to be more hassle to put on  but I was pleasantly surprised that it goes on as easily as any other polish. It needs 2 or 3 coats to achieve full opacity but as it dries quickly that’s not an issue.

After the first coat I have to say I was a little under whelmed, it didn’t quite meet my expectations (not that I’m sure what I expected)  but after adding another layer  it soon perked up and created a beautiful manicure which I now completely adore. The sugary texture reminds me of rainbow drops or sherbet and gives a really interesting look.

Kingsland Road 4Kingsland Road 5

The second coat is a little more difficult to apply as the surface is already uneven but luckily this dries so that no streaks are visible! Quite remarkable for an effect polish!

I like that the texture is a lot softer than you would imagine. I thought it was going to be quite scratchy and irritating but it really isn’t. The only bad thing I’ve found with this polish so far is that it does seem to cling on to any dirt which is disappointing. I don’t think it will put me off wearing it though. The lovely delicate pink and fascinating texture is just too good!

Kingsland Road 6

Kingsland Road 7

I personally think this texture looks great. Teddi however thinks totally different and feels it looks like any other polish that has been poorly applied, in fact she said ‘it looks like how I put on any polish’. Do you agree? Is this a texture you would wear?

Kingsland Road 8

I don’t usually mention anything about removing the polish but with this I think it’s worth knowing. I thought, because of the texture, this would be similar to a glitter in terms of difficulty in taking it off. I was all ready to spend a good 20 minutes removing every trace but was super impressed when it came off just like any other polish! I love a bit of sparkle but tend to not wear some of my glitters because of how long it takes to get it off and I know if this polish was like that it would be kept in my storage box and only brought out occasionally. I am very glad that this isn’t like that though and can stay in my everyday polish box (yes, I have two boxes for all my polishes) and be worn more. :)

I hope to add the other textured polishes to my collection soon. Have you tried any of them yet?

Ra ♥

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