Feather Nail Art Step By Step

Okay, so my Dreamcatcher nail art seems to be quite popular. I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I created the feather nail so I thought instead of explaining to everyone that asks individually I’d do a quick post about it so you can give it a go yourself if you want. :)

This is what I used..

Sally Hansen White Tip, Barry M Black, an old eyeliner brush.

Sally Hansen White Tip, Barry M Black, an old eyeliner brush.

Step 1: Paint your nail. I used two coats of Sally Hansen.

Step 2: Make a thick line across the nail using the eyeliner brush. I used Barry M Black.

Feather Step By Step 2

Step 3: Wipe off the excess polish from the brush. Drag the line of polish outwards to make the wispy effect.

Feather Step By Step 3

Step 4: Add topcoat to keep the design looking its best.

And there you have it! Simple feather nail art. I hope you were able to understand my steps!

I’d love to see your feather nails! You can send me your photos or ask me any questions by commenting or if you click on ‘Contact Me’ at the top of the page you can find all the other ways of getting in touch. :)

Ra ♥

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