W7’s Mosaic

Before I took a little break from blogging I had planned on showing you all a lovely (and cheap!) polish which is a fantastic dupe for a more high-end brand. W7’s Mosaic!

Speckled glitter polishes are very on trend at the moment with so many brands bringing out variations. Illamasqua also have a fantastic range, I’mperfection, which has five stunning speckled polishes (they look like mini eggs!).  I’ve seen so many amazing blog posts and reviews of all the shades but at £14.50 each it’s quite a lot higher than I would ever pay. Luckily there are amazing quality polishes out there like W7 that means you can get the look for less!

Mosaic 1

Mosaic has a jelly-like base full with blue and gold glitter. This gives a fantastic look similar to a jelly sandwich . It applies easily and evenly even on the first coat which is quite surprising considering how densely packed the glitter is. The colour is a little too sheer so at least 2 coats is needed to see the full effect. And as with most glitter polishes topcoat is essential for a smooth finish!

After applying this I did a quick search for similar polishes as this is just so pretty! And to my surprise I discovered that this is a pretty accurate dupe of Nails Inc’s Pudding Lane Sprinkles! I didn’t even know about this  Nails Inc collection until searching for a similar polish (a bit late I know!) but I am insanely happy that I have a polish that looks the double of it!

Mosaic 4

If you can’t afford the £11 price tag of Nails Inc Sprinkles then this W7 polish is perfect! At only £1.69 it’s a bargain! Don’t you agree?

Barry M have also launched their new Sequin Nail Effects. I really love this nail trend so I will definitely be buying those soon too!

Ra ♥


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