Pistache Panda

Last week Teddi brought home some pretty amazing presents for me. All nail related of course! She got me the whole set of Barry M Nail Art Pens and 5 more Sinful Colors to add to my growing collection (I have 10 now!). And I just adore the colours she chose!

Pistache Panda 1

So for today’s post I’m sharing my first full nail art using the pens and Sinful Colors Pistache. But first, my thoughts on the polish..

Pistache is a really stunning shade. It’s mix of pastel and bright made it difficult to photograph accurately. Outside this looks more like a delicate mint but indoors with artificial light it has a much bolder tone as you can see. This applied really well and only 2 coats were needed for an opaque, streak free finish. It also dries quick, which is always a good thing!

Pistache Panda 2 Pistache Panda 4

Now for the nail art..

I wanted to create something using all of the pens but coming up with a look proved more difficult than I thought. So I settled on just using the black, white and pink pens. I went for a cute little panda as the focus of the look and then added pink hearts and flowers. Here’s the full look..

Pistache Panda 7 Pistache Panda 6

The panda is a little glum looking but still adorable!

And for the first time, here’s a look at the other hand!

Pistache Panda 9

I’d been wanting to try Barry M’s Nail Art Pens since I first heard of them. And I could not be more impressed with them! I love that there’s finally an alternative to the traditional nail art pen. No more squeezing to get polish out or scratching through your base colour! The felt pen style makes it incredibly easy to use and gives you so much more control! Even drawing with my left hand was easier. I would highly recommend these!

Have you tried these nail art pens yet?

Thanks for reading! :)

Ra ♥

6 thoughts on “Pistache Panda

  1. Angie McDonald says:

    Wow! The Barry M Nail Art Pens look amazing! I’m definitely going to invest in some and i absolutely love the cute panda look you’ve created!
    I’ve never tried Sinful Nail Polish before so very tempted to invest in some of those too! :) x

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