Sinful Colors Innocent & Barry M Croc Effect

I spent an incredibly long time this morning trying to decide how I was going to paint my nails. Should I go bright, pastel or dark? Nail art, glitter, textured? So many choices!

I finally settled on using Sinful Colors in Innocent. Ted only bought me this yesterday, along with Candy Coated and Sweet Tooth, and although I was planning on using a polish I haven‘t worn in a while, after swatching this on my thumb nail I just couldn‘t resist.

Innocent 1 Innocent 2

This is a truly striking colour and reminds me a lot of my China Glaze Electric Pineapple. The green version though, obviously. This applied really well and gave great coverage in just one slightly thick coat. And even then the drying time was impressive! As you can see from the pictures, this is one of those gorgeous neon pastels. In most lights it’s a delicious lime/apple colour but has a more pastel green look in some other lights.

I didn’t want to wear just a plain polish today, but feeling slightly lazy, I opted for a pretty basic design using Barry M’s Croc Effect in black and their black nail art pen.

Innocent 3 Innocent 4

I know shatter/crackle polishes aren’t really liked anymore but I still have a soft spot for them, and this is one of my favourites!

I’d love to know your thoughts on this polish and my simple design! :)

Ra ♥


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