Polka Dot Bows

Two of my recent polish purchases were 2true’s Fast Dry Colour Quick polishes in Shade 17 (pink) and Shade 18 (blue). These are both very pretty and the pastel colours are so perfect that I just had to use them together for a super girly nail art design.

I decided to go for something relatively easy to do that wouldn’t take much time so I did a sweet bow design with polka dots. Here’s the finished nail art…

Polka Dot Bows 1 Polka Dot Bows 2

I just adore how these shades compliment each other!

I started by using a base coat and then applying two coats of each shade onto alternating nails. Once they were dry I used the opposite colour to make the bows by carefully making the curved lines with the side of the brush. Each bow needed two coats to make them opaque but luckily these polishes are true to their word and dry quickly. After letting the bows dry I then added the polka dots and outlines using Barry M’s Nail Art Pens in black and white. The bows do take a little trial and error to get the hang of the shape (well it did for me!) but practice does make perfect! I then added topcoat to seal the design and give a lovely glossy finish. And there you have it!

Polka Dot Bows 3

I think this design would also make for great Minnie Mouse nails if I changed up the colours!

Thank you for reading and please do let me know what you think! :)

Ra ♥

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