My Top 5: A/W Shades

Seeing as I haven’t posted anything in well over a week today I am sharing quite a long post with you all. I thought I would start a little series of posts.. My Top 5! For each of these posts I will share my top 5 polishes from my collection based on whichever theme it is.

And to start it off what could be better than to share my top 5 Autumn/Winter nail colours! These are the shades I love most this time of year and one of my favourite polishes in that shade. It seems that Autumn has now well and truly arrived and one thing I definitely love about this season is changing from pastels and neons to more opulent nail colours. So here’s my pick of polishes..


Oxblood nail colours are a favourite of mine during A/W as it’s such a deep luxurious red and it has a real gothic edge whilst still being classy and sophisticated. My choice of oxblood polish is Barry M’s red black.

top autumn 1 top autumn 2


Khaki/mushroom brown shades are a lovely way of taking nude polishes into A/W.  They are a great all round colour as they go with everything! My pick for this is Sinful Colors’ Nirvana. This is supposed to be a matte shade but as you can see this actually has a glossy finish.

top autumn 3 top autumn 4


I love grey polishes this time of year, especially as there are so many different grey shades around. MUA’s Koala Bear is a perfect polish as it’s still a nice light colour. And at only £1 this is a real bargain!

top autumn 5 top autumn 6

Midnight Blue:

Blue shades are a must through winter and I love ones with a little extra depth . Barry M’s Navy is a perfect polish for this. The shimmer and shine in this is gorgeous!

top autumn 7 top autumn 8


Plums are wonderful for A/W! Purple is my favourite colour so I of course love all variations of it. Avon’s Plum Seduction is a fantastic deep shade. Not the best photos of this though unfortunately, it’s incredibly hard to photograph!

top autumn 9 top autumn 10

And there you have it, my top 5 A/W polishes! What are your favourites for this season?

Ra ♥


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