Barry M Classic Matte & Royal Glitter: Review & Swatches

If you love nail polish then I am sure you must’ve heard about Barry M’s fantastic new collections for A/W. They have just released their Classic Matte Collection which is full of wonderful autumnal colours and their Royal Glitters which are fabulous sparkle with a textured finish.

Both collections look fantastic so when in Superdrug recently I couldn’t resist picking up one from each range. After looking at them all for quite a while I finally settled on getting the Vanilla shade from the Matte Collection and Lady from the Royal Glitters.


Vanilla really is a very unique shade. This is a cool toned neutral colour with an underlying lavender hue. In certain lights this actually looks like a real pale mauve which is very pretty. Vanilla does have a bit of an odd formula. The first coat sort of bubbles and separates slightly almost like there’s moisturiser/oil on the nail. This isn’t a huge issue though as after the second coat Vanilla dries to a perfect satin matte finish. These photos are of two coats.

matte and royal 1 matte and royal 2

matte and royal 3 matte and royal 4


Choosing between the royal glitters was so hard as I really do love anything that sparkles! But Lady really appealed to me as it looks like glittering snow. Perfect for winter! I really like that this can be worn on it’s own, no need for a base colour as it’s so densely packed with glitter. This applies well and dries quickly and the slightly matte textured finish looks wonderful. This also is a lot less painful to take off than normal glitters! These photos are also of two coats.

matte and royal 5 matte and royal 6

matte and royal 7 matte and royal 8

These collections are fantastic for A/W and are a great addition to any polish stash! Have you got any of the polishes from these A/W collections yet? I definitely want to get some of the others soon!

Ra ♥

5 thoughts on “Barry M Classic Matte & Royal Glitter: Review & Swatches

  1. Faye says:

    I really love the Barry M Lady, I found the Vanilla matt gets mixed reviews when I wear it though, I feel it definitely needs to paired with another polish as it looks a bit strange on its own.

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