Nautical Glitter

One thing I absolutely love is glitter and Teddi bought me the cutest little pots from Ebay many months ago full of a beautiful variety of large glitter flecks. Ebay has to be one of the best places to buy bargain nail supplies. There are so many glitter pots, caviar beads, fur powders and much more, many available for only a few pounds or less! I think this set cost a little under £1.

nautical glitter 1

Aren’t these pots just the most adorable things? They look like they should be full of fairy dust! And I just love the stopper lids.

For my nail look I wanted an understated glitter design so instead of covering the whole nail I actually decided to have a single line down the centre. With these being quite large hex glitters putting them on my nails was quite easy, I just used a rubber ended manicure stick. Here’s my slightly nautical looking nails..

nautical glitter 2

For this I used Barry M’s Indigo and their Copper polish on my ring finger.

I’d love to know what you think of this nail design, feel free to leave any comments. :)

Ra ♥

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