Eyeball Nail Art

Anything to do with eyes really grosses me out and seeing as eyeball nails are a popular choice around Halloween I thought I’d give the look a go!

Here’s the finished design and how I did it..

eyes 1 eyes 2

All you need is a white or pale cream for a base, an eye coloured polish (green or blue work best) and a pink or sheer red for veins.

1. Start out by applying your chosen base shade. I’ve used 2 coats of Sally Hanson’s Hard As Nails in White Tip.

2. When dry add a circle of colour to the centre of your nail. Mine are Barry M’s Guava Gelly Paint which I applied using the end of a hair grip.

3. To make the eyes look more realistic put a smaller black dot in the middle of the eye colour and then a tiny white dot on the edge of the black. I’ve used Barry nail art pens.

4. For the veins draw on random wiggly lines making sure not touch the centre dots. I drew mine with the pink Barry M nail art pen.

5. Finally, finish your look with a glossy top coat.

I love this for a creepy Halloween mani and it looks fantastic as an accent nail too with blood drips on your other nails. :)

Ra ♥


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