Halloween Glitter

I love fun nail arts, especially for Halloween! But sometimes it’s nice to have a look that is still as effective but doesn’t need as much effort. For that, I love a seasonal glitter combination!

For my Halloween glitter mani I’ve used 3 polishes to get really unique and dazzling nails.

I started by painting my nails with 2 coats of Orly’s Mayhem Mentality. This is the boldest orange polish I own making it the best choice for this. I then added a layer of Revlon’s Orange Fizz to turn the pink undertoned neon into a more true orange shade. With a little sparkle, of course! This is how the combination looks so far..

halloween glitter 1 halloween glitter 2

I then completed my mani by using my Primark Urban Nails glitter topcoat.

halloween glitter 3 halloween glitter 4

I love the effect of these polishes when worn together! The bright orange with black and white glitter flecks really gives that classic Halloween feel. What Halloween inspired looks are you loving?

Ra ♥



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