Baby, You’re A Firework!

Seeing as today is the 5th of November I thought I would share a fabulous firework nail art with you all. I’m not seeing any displays this year unfortunately but this is the perfect mani for any bonfire/fireworks you are going to.

I decided to go for a super colourful design as I just love all the beautiful colours of fireworks.

I started out by painting my nails with a coat of Barry M’s Blueberry. Once dry I sponged on my other chosen colours in a rough circular shape. I did this the same way I would for a gradient design. This is how it looked after all the polishes were added..

fireworks 1

I think this has quite a funky tie dye kind of vibe! I’ve used Barry M Guava Gelly, Sinful Colors Vebena, 24/7 & Let’s Meet.

Once my nails were fully dry I placed striping tape across them in a starburst from one corner. I carefully applied my black polish for a night sky. I used Barry M’s Black for this. After about 10 seconds I carefully peeled back the tape to reveal my design.

I then added top coat for a nice glossy finish.

And here are my finished firework nails!

fireworks 2

fireworks 3

I really like the end result of this mani. The bright colours really stand out next to the black and even Teddi thought this looked really cool! :)

Ra ♥


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