Neon & Nude

I go through phases a lot when trying to decide how to paint my nails, whether that’s a particular colour I can’t get enough of or maybe the finish of a polish that I adore. And my latest obsession is matte! I have rediscovered my love for matte nails just recently and seeing as leather is being seen a lot throughout fashion dark matte nails really ties in with this trend. That being said, I actually have a nude and neon matte mani to share with you for this post.

Barry M’s matte polish range is everywhere right now! Bloggers are really loving the collection and for a very good reason. I only have one of the shades so far so I am using that as the base for this look. The colour I have is Vanilla.

neon nude 1 neon nude 2

I started by painting my nails with 2 coats of Vanilla. Once dry I used striping tape to paint on neat tips. I chose Orly’s Mayhem Mentality as I love the contrast between the vibrant orange and the subtle nude.

neon nude 3 neon nude 4

By only putting the neon colour on the tips the overall result is a lot softer. A perfect pop of colour in the darker months!

Ra ♥

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