Feeling Festive

With  only 5 weeks left everywhere has gone into full Christmas mode. Decorations are up, bloggers are posting their gift guides and the Christmas songs are playing. And I am definitely not complaining! I’m a huge fan of Christmas, there’s nothing I love more than gaudy ornaments and tinsel!

I’ve actually spent this morning listening to my favourite Christmas tunes and decided to add a little festive cheer to my nails too. I’ve used one of my best glitter polishes to jazz up my classic red mani. W7’s Multi Dazzle is packed full of colour and sparkle. You can see last year’s festive nails using this same glitter Here.



My red polish is Cruella De Vil from the Disney Villains Collection. I adore this red! This is just one coat and as you can see the colour and opacity are wonderful. And it dries super quick, which is the best quality in a polish.


I love Multi Dazzle as it looks fantastic over so many base colours and stays chip free for ages!If you’re looking for a no-fuss nail look perfect for this season then I would highly recommend getting this.

Ra ♥

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