Santa Nail Stickers

A while back I bought some nail stickers from Poundland. I’ve never used nail stickers before, well not since I was about 6 anyway, and seeing as they only cost £1 I figured I wouldn’t be losing much if I didn’t like them. Plus, I thought they would be something a bit fun to try out and it makes having nail art so much easier!


I decided to get the little Santa stickers because they are adorable but there were quite a few other Christmas designs too.

I chose traditional Christmas colours to use with my Santa stickers, Cruella De Vil (from Disney Villains set) and Revlon’s Top Speed in Emerald. I wanted the Santa to really stand out which is why I chose to make this an accent nail mani, I thought he would blend in a little too much on top of a red polish. Once the polish was dry I carefully peeled off the sticker from the backing sheet and placed it onto my nail. As you can see this didn’t go perfectly as part of the sticker did turn under. Poor little Santa lost the end of his beard!



The sticker stayed on well for around 10 minutes before I began to see the sides lift up. I put a topcoat over which soon sorted that out. To make my nails a bit more interesting I used a matte topcoat over the red nails and glossy over the green.

I like that this is a very subtle festive look, don’t you?

Ra ♥


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