Barry M Silk Polishes

As you probably know if you’re a regular reader of my blog, I am a huge fan of Barry M polishes. I like to have at least one polish from each collection they release so looking at their newly released polishes for Spring/Summer I was super excited about their Silk collection in gorgeous pastel shades. If you follow my Instagram you might’ve already seen the colours I chose.. Meadow and Blossom! These really are extremely pretty and perfect for spring!


They dry to a semi-matte finish and in quite good time too. I find that matte polishes, especially topcoat, can take forever to dry but these luckily weren’t like that. I needed 3 thinner coats to get the best results as with only 2 you could still see brush strokes. Here’s how they looked.

Meadow is a fresh pale green shade. Very unique!



Blossom is a beautiful baby pink and my favourite of the two!



I like that these are much more opaque than normal shimmer polishes so if that’s the kind of look you like then these are well worth buying. The frosted pearl finish makes these very different to anything else in my collection and a perfect set for spring nail art!

I’d love to know your thoughts on Barry M’s latest release! Have you picked up any of the other shades?

Ra ❤


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