Nail Art On A Budget: Primark

I love a bargain, as I’m sure most of you do too, so to create the mani in this post I decided to stick to one budget brand. I’ve chosen to show you a look that is entirely products from Primark! It’s easy to get nice nails for less, especially as Primark has expanded their beauty range to include many on-trend products!

Here’s what I used on my nails. The set of nail gems was a bargain at £1.50, the black polish was in a set of 4 that I got for Christmas which I believe was £2, and the matte topcoat cost just £1!

primark 1

I painted my nails with 2 coats of black polish. This one dries super quick which is great but without a topcoat this does chip after about a day. It also leaves visible air bubbles if you apply too thickly. Not the best polish in the world but still pretty good for the price.


I then added a layer of matte topcoat. Just like my Rimmel matte this does take longer than most polishes to dry but it applies well and you can’t tell the difference between this and the Rimmel version. Not bad going for £1!

Before the topcoat dried I stuck on some gold studs for a nice edgy look..

primark 5

I really like the end result! What are your thoughts?

Ra ❤

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