Makeup Revolution: Nail Polish Swatches Part 1

Today is the first of two posts to share swatches of my recent nail polish purchases from Makeup Revolution. I’m sharing just two polishes in this post as I’m also including the review.


First of all I want to share my thoughts on the packaging and application. The bottles are very simple in design and the curved edges make them very easy to hold when taking photos, something I like very much! The brushes are a good size so covering the nail was quick and easy. However, I did have to trim bristles on one and another has a completely sloped edge. Not ideal but not something that would put me off purchasing more!

The formula of the polishes is quite thick and almost waxy when applying. The first coat leaves a lot of brush strokes visible but even with those issues I thought the polish was actually quite easy to work with. The second coat sorted out any streakiness, the polish smooths itself out as it dries. Two coats is enough to give full coverage but I’ve used three for each of my swatch photos just to make sure the colour is bright and glossy.

Each polish is shown in natural light and with flash on.

First up is Devil Inside. This is a cool toned mushroom shade with underlying lavender hues. This is a fantastic neutral polish!

mr swatch 1


Beautiful Helps is a gorgeous coral perfect for summer. This has a cream formula and is definitely a new favourite of mine.



Check back tomorrow for swatches of the other four polishes! :)

Ra ❤

3 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution: Nail Polish Swatches Part 1

  1. majormakeupmadness says:

    Its a funny coincidence as I ordered from makeup revolution 2 days ago. Im glad you were happy with your nail varnishes, the colours look gorgeous. I dont think I picked up any of the nail varnishes though. Might just have to order again! I saw makeup revolution posted this on facebook- well done gurl! I really love the nude shadow on your nails. :) x

    • RaRa Reid says:

      Thank you so much, Hazel! I would definitely recommend getting a few of the nail varnishes, they’re good quality and a great price. I think I’m going to be making another order soon! :)
      Ra ❤

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