Born Pretty Store: Nail Art Brushes

I’m always ready to try out any new effect polishes, nail decorations or tools to improve my nail art and Born Pretty Store recently sent me a set of 12 brushes to review.


As you can see, all the brushes are the same just in different colours. They came with little plastic caps to protect the bristles too which is very useful when storing them.

I’ve been practicing with these for about a week now and I just love them. Using brushes doesn’t turn you into an amazing artist (I was really hoping it would!) but it does make nail art a lot easier!

Here’s an autumn design I did using the brushes..



I found the brushes gave me better control when drawing designs and were fantastic for fine lines and detail.

I am also impressed with how well these clean after use. A quick rinse in nail polish remover was all that was needed. And the bristles haven’t gone stiff or stuck together which is brilliant! They are also great for cleaning up around the cuticles.

Here’s another look using the brushes..



At only $4.97 (about £3.07) I think these are fantastic value! You can find them here: Nail Art Brush Set.

And you can use my discount code RARW10 for 10% off your Born Pretty Store order!


I will be posting more nail art and reviews featuring Born Pretty Store very soon!

Ra ❤

*This set of brushes was sent to me by Born Pretty Store for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own.


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