Graffiti Nail Art!

I always love trying new techniques that make nail art quicker and easier and the dry brush technique is really fantastic. I’ve been seeing so many variations of this nail look around for ages but finally got around to trying it myself recently.

This was my very first dry brush nail art..


This is so simple to do and I think the graffiti vibe looks brilliant!

I started with a white base and picked out four polishes to use over the top. I chose yellow, orange, purple and black. All you do is wipe any excess polish off the brush until there is almost nothing left on it. Then start applying onto your nails. You can use as little or as much as you like and it doesn’t need to be perfect! I layered the different colours this way finishing with the black. I sealed the design with a glossy top coat.


This is a great way of using up any old polishes you may have lying around that have dried slightly. And I love that it’s so quick and easy!

Here’s a pink and purple version..



Have you tried the dry brush look?

Ra ❤


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