Vampire Nail Art: Step-By-Step!

Halloween is almost here so today I am sharing a simple vampire design with step-by-step photos!

Here is the finished design I will be showing you how to create..


And here is how to get this look for yourself..

vampire 2

Step 1: After applying your base coat, paint your nail with a crisp white polish. 

Step 2: Create the hairline by drawing on two arches that meet in the middle of the nail. 

Step 3: Fill in the hair. I’ve used Barry M’s black multi glitter polish for a little sparkle. Then add two dots for eyes.

Step 4: Now add a smile and a smaller dot of colour on the eyes. I’ve gone for blood red but a bright lime green or pumpkin orange would also work well.

Step 5: Add a tiny dot of white on each eye for depth and draw two pointy fangs.

Step 6: Fill in the fangs with white being careful to leave an outline, also draw on some little eyebrows. Once dry seal the design with your favourite top coat.


And there you have a simple vampire design perfect to wear this Halloween!

Ra ❤

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