My Top 3 Glitters From Rimmel!

There is nothing I like more than a gorgeous glitter mani! And if you can’t wear the most sparkly polishes near Christmas when can you?

So today I thought I would share 3 of my favourite glitters from Rimmel!

First up is Space Dust in Aurora!

rimmel glitters 1 rimmel glitters 2

This rose gold is densely packed and looks amazing. Two coats is enough for full coverage and lots of frosty sparkle!

Next is another Space Dust polish. This is Moon Walking. Again, two coats is perfect for all over sparkles!

rimmel glitters 3 rimmel glitters 4

And lastly, the most wonderfully festive glitter top coat!


Midnight Mistletoe is made up of red, green and silver flecks in a clear base. This would look fantastic layered over so many colours but I’ve gone for a simple crisp white to show off the glitter.

If you’re looking for polish to make an impact at Christmas (or everyday!) then I think these could be just what you need!

Ra ❤

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