Born Pretty Store: Fimo Canes

Fimo canes are perfect for adding dimension to your nail art. They come in lots of wonderful designs and it’s a great way to be sure that each image is exactly the same.

Born Pretty Store has gorgeous fimo canes!

You get 10 canes in a pack and the designs you get are completely random so you will hopefully get a nice mix. As you can see, I got some lovely ones!


I read a few reviews about how best to cut these and although a lot of people said a sharp kitchen knife would work, I found that was definitely not the case! I couldn’t get thin slices with a kitchen knife but a craft knife worked perfectly!

Once I had cut a pot full of fimo pieces I got creative and came up with two pretty looks!


This first one is a simple summer mani! I decided to keep things bright and went with a bold orange polish. I then added white blocks on two nails with some little polka dots. After adding a top coat I carefully placed on my flowers to neaten up the edge of the white section.


For my second design I’ve gone for all purple! Once I’d added two coats of colour to each nail I painted thin stripes with a nail art brush. I then used the cute purple cat pieces!


You can find these here: Fimo Canes!

Would you add fimo to your collection?

Born Pretty Store has everything you could need for gorgeous nail art. And you can use my discount code RARW10 for 10% off your Born Pretty Store order!

Ra ❤

*These fimo canes were sent to me by Born Pretty Store for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own.


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