Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe!

She was the biggest star of the 1950s, celebrated for her iconic characters on screen, her unrivalled beauty and warm personality. Even now Marilyn Monroe remains one of the most idolised women with thousands of fans from every generation. Today would’ve been her 90th birthday so let’s celebrate with a look at some of the best moments from her life and career.

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Throughout her career Marilyn was photographed countless times by the top photographers in the industry, the results are some of the most recognisable images and can regularly be seen on everything from home décor to makeup bags and accessories.

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As well as interest in her career, Marilyn’s own personal life is a huge source of fascination. From her unsteady childhood, transformation from Norma Jeane to Marilyn Monroe and 3 marriages, her story has been portrayed in many movies, TV shows and documentaries, each time audiences are drawn in. Her name instantly gaining interest around the world.

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My favourite movie is Gentlemen Prefer Blondes from 1953. Filmed in Technicolor, with great song and dance performances and absolutely stunning costumes, this is one of the most visually spectacular movies from the era.

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I think many will agree that one of the highlights of Marilyn’s career, and one of the things she will be remembered by most for is the now iconic scene from The Seven Year Itch. Anytime a celebrity (or royalty, such as the Duchess of Cambridge) is caught in wind and their dress gets blown up it’s almost certainly accompanied with a headline referencing this ‘Marilyn moment’.

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Marilyn herself said, ”If I’m a star, the people made me a star. No studio, no person but the people did”. There are fans of all ages and from all over the world who continue to be inspired by Marilyn and that is truly remarkable.

Here are what some of them have to say:

Rebecca: “Marilyn means so much to me that it would take a dictionary sized novel to explain how much I love her. Marilyn has been my favourite actress for a long time and I just feel so connected to her. Every time I watch her films or videos of her, I just feel at ease. She just makes me smile. I love everything about her. She was such a good actress, beautiful person and intelligent woman. My favourite films are Some Like It Hot and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes but I love them all. Marilyn is my angel.”

Tammy: “When I was about 14, I was struggling with a lot of inner demons and some not so nice memories. My Nanna bought me a book about her and after reading the awful childhood she suffered I made up my mind that anyone can do good and be good. No matter what!”

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Tre Vaughn Taylor: “Marilyn Monroe has inspired me by pushing the limits on myself. I regrouped myself within her personal statements and how she became who she felt she was. We all create characters in our head and it’s fun when we can become them for a moment or a lifetime. I really took control over my craft(s) and pushed myself to be the best version of me I can be. I watch her documentaries and admire her sense of sexual freedom. I freed myself sexually and mentally as I became who I felt I was. She’s truly an icon in many ways and she truly deserves to be celebrated. I love you Marilyn. Happy Birthday.”

@decadesofmarilyn: “Marilyn occupies a huge part in my inspirational women collection for my, certainly, lifetime. Although many people calling her ‘the dumb blonde’, she was a well-read woman with opportunities everyone could have. But I really think it was the destiny of Hollywood to have a long lasting, called by her stage name, Marilyn Monroe!”

Wendy: “I have always loved Marilyn since I was 14. I used to try and look like her! An amazing, beautiful and very intelligent woman. Happy birthday Marilyn.”


Valerie: “She is such a timeless beauty! I have collected Marilyn Monroe things and have been intrigued by her for a very long time. There is an undeniable charm to her. Simply captivating. I love her story and admire her extraordinary beauty!”

Georgia: “I’ve loved her since I was a child, same birthday like her. She will be always young, gorgeously beautiful, charismatic and with an allure that cannot be found nowadays! Long live our darling.”

Jill: “Marilyn was the epitome of depth to beauty. Yes, she was glamorous and radiant (even just effortlessly sometimes), but also she was a deep thinker – a philosopher with real political interests who strived for personal and career growth, a woman who could hold her own among scholars. Yes, the pressure eventually got to her, but I’d say considering her hardships, she was a masterpiece.”

Whether you disagree on her acting abilities, there are few people that have left such a lasting impression on the world.

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton Greene during their ballerina sitting.

Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe!

Ra ❤

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    • RaRa Reid says:

      Thank you so much! It was definitely hard deciding which photos to use, there are so many wonderful ones to choose from! I love Elvis too and I hope to incorporate him into a future post. :)

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