My Favourite Lip Balm Tins

I previously shared my thoughts on two lip balm collections. I really enjoyed putting those posts together so I decided to do another. This time I’m sharing some of my favourite lip balm tins!

lip tin 1

Each tin is perfect handbag size, and although you have to apply with your finger (or lip brush if you prefer) they are definitely worth it.

Up first are the Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream and Raspberry Rosé. These are, just as the name suggests, a buttery consistency, which is a little thicker than usual lip balms. However, this seems to really help with keeping lips moisturised for a long time. The scents are really amazing, strong but without being overpowering. I personally prefer the fruity scent of Raspberry Rosé, it reminds me of sweets! Because these are a thick it is best to massage them really well onto the lips as a little colour can be seen when you first put them on.

lip tin 2

lip tin 3

I love my Vaseline tins for a subtle hint of colour. These feel the same as the original Vaseline lip tin but have the added tint. These aren’t the most moisturising of lip products but if you are looking for something to make your lips a little glossy, these are perfect.

lip tin 4

lip tin 5

On the left is a cherry lip balm from Primark. This has a very strong scent, almost exactly like cherry drops! It keeps my lips soft and provides a nice pop of colour, much bolder than I would’ve expected. On the right is a Forever Friends lip balm I got as a gift so I’m not exactly sure where it’s from. The heart tin is adorable! This is a very subtle pink with only a light scent to it. This has a softer consistency than the others and a glossier finish.

lip tin 6

lip tin 7

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Check back again soon for more.

Ra ❤


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