Vintage Makeup On A Budget

Make Up Gallery polishes are some of the best in my collection and after reading so many wonderful reviews of their makeup I decided it was time to try them for myself.


As someone who loves the vintage style I picked out three products to help create a glamorous 50s look. I chose their Good To Glow Highlighting Powder in Pearl Shimmer, Colour Moisture Lipstick in Deep Red and Matt Lip Colour in Cherry Pop.

The highlighter is a peachy tone with a soft shimmer that gives the most beautiful glow and doesn’t look overpowering on my fair skin. This has enough colour to wear without a blusher too which is wonderful.



Both lip colours are highly pigmented and last well on the lips. I’ve swatched both shades for you. This is just one swipe of each!


As you can see they are intense reds! They are similar in shade although they don’t look it in their tubes, but the matt cream does have a slightly brighter and pinkier tone.

The lip cream dries to a soft matt finish that doesn’t feel dry on the lips at all. This lasts a few hours before fading, but does so quite evenly so top ups aren’t necessary straight away.

Cherry Pop Matt Lip Colour

Cherry Pop Matt Lip Colour

The lipstick gives great coverage without feeling heavy and leaves lips feeling very soft!

Deep Red Lipstick

Deep Red Lipstick

I’m very impressed with the quality of all three products! For just £1 each they are fantastic value especially if you’re looking to try out a new look.

What are your favourite Make Up Gallery products?

Ra ❤


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