Review: Max Factor Lipgloss

Happy New Year!

One of the biggest resolutions I’ve made is to spend less money on new makeup and to make the most of all the great products in my collection! As much as I love buying the latest product releases, and splurging on high end lipstick, there are a few more important ways I would like to spend my money in 2017.

So here’s a little review of some great products I’ve had for a while but never shared..

I’ve always been a lipstick fan, preferring the lightweight feel they offer rather than the heavier slick of gloss. But as I rediscover the makeup in my collection I’ve been loving giving lipgloss another go.


Today I’m sharing two beautiful shades from Max Factor’s Colour Elixir range, Captivating Ruby and Polished Fuchsia.

As I am sure you can tell, Captivating Ruby is a classic red and Polished Fuchsia is a bold pink. In the packaging they look almost identical but once you open them up the tones are rather obvious.


I love the intense colour just one swipe of these give! Very impressive for a gloss I think. And they don’t feel overly sticky or gloopy on the lips either which is one of the many reasons I usually reach for a lipstick.


I personally prefer the red shade but both are absolutely gorgeous!

Ra ❤


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